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In the German quality assessment, 10 samples were sent to each center and the response was due in 10 working days. In addition, 2 points were assigned for each sample 1 for the correct genotype and 1 for the specific mutation and 1 point was deducted for a maximum of two times in case of technical failure failure to extract or to amplify DNA.

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More recently, the results of a joined regional assessment round for KRAS testing in Europe have been reported [19]. The assessment round included 59 laboratories from eight different European countries. For each country, one regional scheme organizer prepared and distributed the samples n.

The samples were centrally validated by one of two reference laboratories. The majority of the genotyping errors were false positive or false negative results. Mistakes were made using both commercial kits and in-house validated methods. Although direct comparison between these different quality assessment schemes cannot be drawn, we hypothesize that the educational program of AIOM and SIAPEC with the publication of guidelines followed by their presentation in a number of national meetings might have improved mutational testing in Italy.

The Italian external quality assessment scheme was only related to genotyping, whereas the German and the European programs included reporting. However, in these latter schemes only genotyping was scored and, therefore, the outcomes are similar to the Italian program. In conclusion, the results of this first Italian quality assessment for KRAS testing suggest that KRAS mutational analysis is performed with good quality in the majority of Italian centers.

However, this conclusion is limited by the low number of samples employed that will be increased in the next external quality assessment, which will also include samples with low percentage of tumor cells. The Italian KRAS quality assessment scheme might represent a model for other national and international societies. The following individuals participated to the panel of experts that outlined the guidelines for KRAS testing: C.

Barone Roma , S.

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Cascinu Ancona , F. Di Costanzo Firenze , A. Dei Tos Treviso , A. Falcone Livorno , G. Gasparini Roma , S. Iacobelli Chieti , R. Labianca Bergamo , E. Maiello S.

Giovanni Rotondo , A. Russo Palermo , and G. Viale Milano. Browse Subject Areas? Click through the PLOS taxonomy to find articles in your field.

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  5. 73rd Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatrics.
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  8. Biological material for molecular analysis Either frozen or FFPE tissues can be used for mutational analysis. Download: PPT.

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    Table 1. Characteristics of the specimens for KRAS mutational analysis.

    73rd Congress of the Italian Society of Pediatrics

    Table 2. Table 4. Mutational status of the samples used for the quality assessment. Figure 1. Acknowledgments The following individuals participated to the panel of experts that outlined the guidelines for KRAS testing: C. References 1. Nat Rev Clin Oncol 6: — View Article Google Scholar 2. Cell — View Article Google Scholar 3.

    J Clin Oncol — View Article Google Scholar 4. N Engl J Med — View Article Google Scholar 5. View Article Google Scholar 6. View Article Google Scholar 7. View Article Google Scholar 8. View Article Google Scholar 9.

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    Monday, March 15, - Santa Barbara, CA. The first issue in Volume 1 provides a critical topography of the relationship between Italy and the Mediterranean across time —— from the Middle Ages to present day —— and across disciplinary traditions. Categories Alumni. International Affairs. Life Sciences. Local Community.

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    On Campus. Subscribe to The Current. Turquoise Water Off California. Researchers determine the cause of an Promise Fulfilled. Those comments were all valuable and very helpful for us in revising and improving our paper. Open URL Guidelines. Announcing New Journal Website. Babilio 2 , M. Lippiello 2 , A. Gesualdo 2 , M. Abstract This paper is devoted to the application of unilateral models to the stress analysis of masonry structures. Article Information. View Fulltext. Download PDF.