Souple, fort et sain. Programme dentraînement sportif avancé. (French Edition)

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I also think about the showers on the deck with cockpit! The Parasailor cannot be sailed over 28 knots of wind, we tried but failed! Taking turns, both autopilots work really well and I am surprised revue annuelle - 10 -. On Tropical, the poled-out genoa makes the sailing safe but rolling as on any Peterson plan designed at that time for the IOR.


Avec Tropical, nous sommes partis le 29 janvier Le spi Parasailor et les deux coques du catamaran milles depuis Saint-Tropez. Then, it took five long days at 5. Cruising is not what it used to be! Off the Balearics, meeting with dolphins and a sparrow resting on a welcome block. Observing marine wildlife is part of the pleasure of sailing during long-distance cruises and ocean crossings. Christian the baker. Fortunately his bread was never the same!

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Les deux pilotes automatiques tiennent bien le coup A droite. Patrick the baker. His bread was always different and always a delight! Compared to the lack of view in the monohull, the brightness brought by the large windows partly explains the success of the catamaran.


You are very welcome! Sophie Colignon died in June. We will not forget them. Nous ne les oublierons pas.


The nautical flag etiquette is a combination of maritime traditions and of rules on the proper use of flags on board. Even if a yachtsman is not expected to know it to sail, it would be good he remembers its basics. The national flags at the stern of the classic yachts are part of the wonderful show. In Saint-Tropez, more than fifteen countries are proudly represented in accordance with the tradition. Photo Gilles Martin-Raget. Voici donc quelques sailing for centuries. Et le bouchonner sans le rentrer est un affront pur et simple.

In any case, the ensign should never hang in the water. The class flag is worn from the backstay and can be accompanied with a furled red flag which is unfurled in case of protest. The ensign must be displayed again on finishing or when retiring from the regatta in order to avoid confusion since racing flags often remain up. The courtesy flag is simply the national flag of the country visited. It is essential to buy these national flags when planning to cruise to foreign countries but be careful to choose the maritime flag.

Indeed, one of the most famous mistakes is to fly the Union Jack—used on land only—instead of the Red Ensign worn by all the British ships and on which the Union occupies one quarter of the red field and is placed in the canton near the hoist see illustrations.

The courtesy flag should be worn when entering the home waters of a foreign country in addition to the national flag. On a sailing boat, it is hoisted on a halyard under the starboard spreader. When sailing outside European waters as in northern Africa or eastern Mediterranean, the yellow Q flag should be displayed on portside until clearance is obtained by the customs officers. A small flag is useless because The European flag is not recognised because almost invisible and thus ridiculous.

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On a motor boat, it is necessary to get a small mast dedicated to the flags above Photo Gilles Martin-Raget. The flag must be centred on the taffrail or on the transom.

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On schooner Atlantic, a burgee is flown at the top of each of the three masts. There must probably be Moreover, the registration district must be clearly visible. There are forty-five districts in all but only six in the Mediterranean. For Saint-Tropez, the closest districts bateau sous le pavillon de courtoisie. On motor boats, the registration number must be indicated on the transom as well as on both sides of the bow with numbers and letters following regulations.

When docked for the winter season, a boat must bear When racing, the class flag is the only allowed The club flag is usually hoisted under the starboard the courtesy flag in order to be easily identifiable. Chaque membre de la SNST peut arborer ainsi les couleurs the club burgee which is traditionally hoisted on a small flagstaff to the masthead, de son club.

Long live the flag etiquette! The British flag has different meanings according to the colours and the coat of arms. Whether racing or fishing, owners of a sailing or of a motor boat, some members of the SNST are particularly active. Here are some of their portraits and records but the following list is not exhaustive.

But the race was cancelled by lack of wind so the Club improvised a bowls tournament on Place des Lices. Things got tougher in Antibes but we defeated the best French and Italian crews and were first in classics and second all classes in elapsed time at the YCF Challenge after a finish by night in Le Lavandou. At the Porquerolles Classique, we were four boats to tie for the second place behind Lys. We decided to pass south of the large no-wind area inside the bay of Hyeres and thus won the regatta a few seconds ahead of the wonderful IOR Two Tonner yachts, Aigue Blue and Fantasque and we finally ranked first overall.

We challenged them again in Marseille where we raced a nice first leg, completely failed the second and won the third one thanks to amazing tacks in front of the rocky inlets. We finished second overall behind Aigue Blue After a two-and-a-half-month break, we met them again in Cannes where we were really proud of our fourth place behind two Spanish boats and Lys with his very high mast.

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The last step was Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez where we joined a class gathering all kind of boats under 11 metres! After some results, things fall into place. I had the chance to learn, to develop skills revue annuelle - 24 -. Avec le plus de jeunes possible car le futur leur appartient. The experienced sailor and his fast, de Saint-Tropez. Mon pire around us. But then, a high-speed nous trouvions au large de Porquerolles. For the last two years, he has been assisting revue annuelle - 26 -.

From January , the Figaro 2 is replaced by the Figaro 3 which also becomes the Elite Offshore Championship one-design. The Figaro 2 is It is fitted with ballast and can be sailed solo or with a short-handed crew. Moreover, she is very elegant on the water!

I find her so impressive that I plan to enter the Transquadra Marseille- Madeira-Martinique. I do not feel I can race such a long course solo but in duo, yes! Training sessions, works on the boat and funds for new sails will be required for this double-handed project which is still in its early stages! Moogli est un Dufour 36 Performance de Enfin, the 21 of September Je ne me sens pas capable de le faire en solo sur un si long parcours, mais en duo oui.

Le projet ne fait que commencer. Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez has been delighting sea photographers for decades. Only remains the grace of an eye-catching shade. The variety of the gaff rigs sailing in front of Saint-Tropez remains an exceptional show during the sailing weeks and a travel back in time. Here is how an easterly swell with light breeze can torture the crew at the bow of 15mR The Lady Anne.

Fortunately, the sea is not that cold in October! Designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian, Rambler 88 is a tireless ocean racer. The one-hundred-year-old challengers of the Fife Jubilee-Rolex Trophy prove that they still have the fighting-spirit of their youth. Even through the famous Red Ensign, there is always emotion to bring when playing with the light of October. Ann is a consulting Clinical Education Fellow with Medivators. She has spent much of her post-hospital career supporting efforts in infection prevention; she worked with STERIS Corporation through the s and spent most of the s working with TSO3, the ozone sterilization company, in Quebec City.

She has led clinical and sales teams through periods of significant corporate expansion by focusing on the pervasive clinical needs for better ways to prevention infection in the GI Lab, the OR and the SPD. She is proud to have hired several former national society presidents to join her in her corporate endeavors. Nir Hilzenrat is a clinician-researcher in gastroenterology and hepatology. Following the fellowship in Gastroenterology in McGill University, he moved back to Ben-Gurion University, Israel where he was the director of the liver disease services for six years.

He has numerous publications in basic sciences in portal hypertension and clinical studies in extrahepatic manifestations of HCV and HBV. As a PI, he participated in many national and international studies of treatment of viral hepatitis. He then joined the surgical team at Strathroy Hospital, a small community hospital.

Jain performs general surgical procedures including bowel surgery both lap. He performs about colonoscopies per year, in hospital. Prior to this, he completed his medical school training at the University of Montreal in He then pursued his residency in Internal Medicine at McGill University, where he is now completing his Gastroenterology fellowship. As of next year, he is expected to undergo an additional year of training in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

She is certified in Gastroenterology and has participated in the Canadian Nurse association exam and competency committee for Gastroenterology. She is a committed life long learner and believes in creating a positive learning environment where knowledge can be exchanged between learners at all levels. With 27 years of progressive experience in the health-care system, Marie Marques has worked in different domains of nursing including clinical practice, teaching and management.

She is currently in the process of completing her Masters of Nursing at Ryerson University. McKenzie specializes in advanced therapeutic endoscopy techniques, teaching, mentoring nursing staff and students, and is currently the Resource Nurse in Therapeutic Endoscopy at St. He is also assistant professor of clinical medicine at the University of Montreal. Before pursuing medical training, Dr Rolland trained as a pharmacist at the University of Montreal.

Marlene has been nursing for many years in a variety of settings. Most of her career was in critical care and cardiac care units. Marlene has been a nurse in endoscopy for seven years and has held her certification in gastroenterolgy for most of those years. Her focus has been in increasing nursing knowledge and knowledge transfer as well as promoting excellence in nursing. Maria Stavrakis, B. Last 16 years, she has been working as a clinician nurse and clinical research nurse in hepatology at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

She collaborates with Dr. She specializes in viral hepatitis, decompensated liver diseases and hepatocellular carcinoma HCC. She works with a diverse multi-ethnic clientele and her ongoing objective is to educate health care professionals and the public on Hepatitis C. Grace Thornhill received her Ph. During her 13 year career in the Biology Dept at the University of Wisconsin, Grace ran a research program in microbial ecology focusing on interaction of bacteria in aquatic environments.

Grace became a national expert in microbial strain identification and tracking which resulted in her becoming a sought after speaker at national and international conferences. For the past 7 years, Grace was at 3M where she developed their program in Infection Prevention for Reprocessing Flexible Endoscopes with a focus on transmission of multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Critical Care certified continuously since Gastroenterology certified since Blending critical care skills into the bedside. In the GI setting My expertise is moderate sedation and education.