Where Does it Hurt?: What the Junior Doctor did next

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All Creatures Great and Small meets Bridget Jones's Diary , this is a humorous and accessible peek into a world which you'd normally need a medical degree to witness. Geben Sie Ihre Mobiltelefonnummer ein, um die kostenfreie App zu beziehen. Reads like Scrubs: The Blog This diary-style account of Pemberton's first year on the wards is funny and awful in equal measure. Observer Very funny and frank. Independent Painfully funny.

Boris Johnson Reading his absurdly funny, beautifully observed, day to day, horror stories from the wards, made me laugh and shudder Maureen Lipman. Don't miss the follow-up titles Where Does It Hurt? Mehr lesen Weniger lesen. Beliebte Taschenbuch-Empfehlungen des Monats. Wird oft zusammen gekauft. Gesamtpreis: EUR 19, Beides in den Einkaufswagen.

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Where Does it Hurt?: What the Junior Doctor did next

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#donoharmjeremy - Junior Doctors' Xmas Stories (very emotional!)

Where Does it Hurt? Max Pemberton. Henry Marsh. Atul Gawande. It is a tale of brutal hours, poor pay, and a crippling shortage of staff chaos basically , all brought about, Kay argues, by a lack of government funding.

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Kay decided to dig out his old diaries and write This is Going to Hurt after the junior doctors' strike over the proposed introduction of a seven-day NHS service. Kay felt that junior doctors were being unfairly maligned by the government and the press. H owever bad things were for Kay, though, he believes today's junior doctors have it much, much worse.

You'd never like them but I don't think it's ever been the case before that war has been waged. It's just so disheartening. Would a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour government make a difference? Kay is circumspect. And where does he think the NHS will be in 10 years time? There could be a barren wasteland where the NHS once was and in its place, there will be some sort of Medicare or insurance-based system. K ay did not quit for political or financial reasons, though. Having specialised in obstetrics and gynaecology or "Brats and Twats", as he refers to it , Kay was, by , an experienced and well respected doctor.

On December 2 , he was the most senior doctor on the labour ward. F ollowing a complication during a caesarean that day, however, a baby died and its mother lost 12 litres of blood and was whisked off to intensive care. The diary entry reads: "I start to write up my operation notes but instead just cry for an hour.

Where Does It Hurt?: What the Junior Doctor Did Next

I should have had counselling — in fact, my hospital should have arranged it. But there's a mutual code of silence that keeps help from those who need it most. The second option is buprenorphine, or Subutex. This little tablet is placed under the tongue and dissolves slowly. It, too, is an opiate and substitute for heroin, but the dose can be decreased over weeks, rather than the months it takes with methadone, so users are detoxed far quicker.

It works by blocking the receptors on the cells in the body which the heroin latches on to, this providing the addition benefit of preventing any heroin you do take from working. Patients often request it. In the private sector they will happily take your money and provide you with a nice, peaceful room offering a view of rolling countryside, but in the state sector a residential placement is hard to come by. They are chemically very similar, crack being a solid, smokable form of cocaine; the same drug for two very different social echelons. The effect of crack is more intense than that of cocaine, but very short-lived.

Heroin, on the other hand, is a sedative and works wonders. But, unlike Horlicks, it brings with it physical dependency. She was now consuming around six packets a day…. However, when I sat down and worked out exactly how much codeine was in each tablet and the number she took each day, I was horrified to discover that she was taking the equivalent of a bag of heroin each day….. Using heroin during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, stillbirth and restricted growth.

I looked closely at her.

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She was limp and grey. The nurse shook her head. The idea of given someone so small such noxious medication made me feel ill. It came about because opiates cross the placenta, so the developing baby becomes addicted. It is also incredibly readable. I found it hard to put down.

It opened my eyes to issues faced people on the edge of society, and I was left with admiration for the way the National Health Service here in the UK tries to help them with their problems — for their sakes and our sakes. PS The title of the book seems completely irrelevant and unrelated to the book's content and direction. More suitable for an Enid Blyton story than the issues it actually deals with, in my humble opinion.

View all 10 comments. Jan 23, Dor rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir-and-biography , why-yes-i-am-amazon-s-bitch , feature. Happily, this one pretty much does. Pemberton is a decent writer who has a nice line in fish-out-of-water humility going on. This one was great and I really quite enjoyed it.

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Nov 05, Laura Elizabeth rated it really liked it. Not entirely what I was expecting but enjoyable nonetheless. Slightly outdated but thankfully in positive ways! Well written, easy to read. Could be read in isolation but does have references to Max's earlier book. A great insight This book was a great insight into drug use and mental health issues. A great read that makes you see things a bit differently.

This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay – review

An easy to read lunchtime dip in and out. Nice that it focussed on a section of society i know very little about. Very good Very funny and interesting. Insight into how doctors work and the real lives and struggles of the mentally ill and homeless. Dec 03, Georgina Wyatt rated it it was amazing. Really insightful and you grow to love the characters in your own way, despite what they've been through you cant help but have a warm feeling for some of them :.

Jun 29, Sam Still Reading rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: those who like medical stories. Recommended to Sam Still Reading by: loved his first book. Max Pemberton is a talented writer and a very good doctor from what I read. Here in his second book his third has just been released in the UK , he leaves the hospital where he did his initial training to work on the streets, looking after the homeless, mentally ill and substance dependent.

The darker side of the book deals with topics not discussed very often — drug dependency in pregnancy, people who prefer life with drugs, those who battle mental illness and those that live on the streets. I found this a good insight into what patients may be experiencing. There were sad points and high points — just like life itself. One question I do have is why Max left after one year — was his contract up?

Did he prefer work in the hospital?