The Ghost Of The Lost Dutchmans Mine

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The most notable losses being from the Peralta Massacre where hundreds were found slain. A number of these deaths were from Jacob Walz himself in an attempt to protect his find.

There are those who believe that he even killed his partner who was supposedly with him, but was never seen again after a while. The Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona is the center of mysterious disappearances and killings since the early s. The deaths and disappearances have continued on over the decades and into the late s. There are those who believe that the ghost of The Dutchman, Jacob Walz is responsible for the deaths and disappearances.

Still trying to protect his find after all of these years. There are others who agree with the Apache in that there is an unseen force protecting the mountains, perhaps the "Thunder God". And there is also the possibility that there is something deep in those mountains that someone does not want people to find. Something that a group of people would do anything to prevent it from being found. One possibility could be centered on the legendary Cebola, one of the lost "Cities of Gold". Today, the Superstition Mountains are Federally owned park land and are still a dangerous place.

Lost Dutchman Mine

Waltz and his partner, Jacob Weiser, worked the mine and allegedly hid one or more caches of gold in the Superstitions. Most stories place the gold in the vicinity of Weaver's Needle, a well-known landmark. In failing health, Jacob Waltz moved to Phoenix and died some 20 years later, in He supposedly described the mine's location to Julia Thomas, a neighbor who took care of him prior to his death.

Gold Field Ghost Town - The Lost Dutchman Mine - Documented Riches!!!

Neither she nor dozens of other seekers in the years that followed were able to find the "Lost Dutchman's Mine," Bishop says. Subsequent searchers have sometimes met with foul play or even death, contributing to the superstition and legend that surround the range.

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No significant amount of gold has ever been found within the square miles of the surrounding wilderness area. But the Superstitions offer other rewards — in mountains, canyons, lakes and open desert; miles of hiking and equestrian trails, historic sites; and old copper-mining towns among them. Nestled in the sprawling mountains are tough trails, challenging even to experienced hikers such as Andrew Flanagan. More recently, Lost Dutchman State Park has been the site of several fatalities, helicopter rescues and the last place several missing persons have been seen.

Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - Wikipedia

From January to the end of February , there were 75 calls to search and rescue, resulting in 28 searches and 47 rescues. He traveled to America in After searching in several southern goldfields hoping to strike it rich, Waltz filed for American citizenship in in Natchez, Mississippi. From here, the miner headed west to California. He headed for Arizona with a prospecting party bent on finding gold in the Bradshaw Mountains.

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In Waltz made a homestead claim on acres north of the Salt River. Legend has it that Waltz prospected in the nearby mountains every winter from the time he settled here to Apparently, Waltz discovered his infamous mine on one of these forays. Leaving few notes of clues about the location of the mine, Waltz died in Phoenix in The area of the Superstition Mountains Wilderness contains square miles of rough mountainous terrain.