Search Engine Optimization Made (Stupidly) Easy - Vol. 8 of the Punk Rock Marketing Collection

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Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Not sure how to convert all that SEO website stuff you gotta do, such as title tags, meta descriptions and backlinks, into something that moves the needle on your online marketing efforts?

Search Engine Optimization in 12222 Made (Stupidly) Easy

Searching for a simple, step-by-step small business marketing process you can use to build your brand, spread your message and make some frickin' moolah with good, old Google search results? Well, search no more! But in this chapter I'll dispel some myths and talk about what you really need to do to play the game the way Google likes. But that's okay And yet it's not as hard as it sounds. Michael Clarke concisely lays out an easy to follow strategy to Pinterest marketing.

Search Engine Optimization in 12222 Made (Stupidly) Easy

The book is pages and I read it over a couple hours. Though its short, it contains a lot of helpful content. The authors personality makes reading this book even more pleasant. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Author presumes you know how to do everything he suggests and continually adds "hire someone" or "get your 15 year old" to do it if you do not know how. I bought the book to learn how to do it.

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Not helpful. I could have hired someone before I bought the book. This is a great ebook to get you started on Pinterest. The author presented many great ideas in an easy to understand way. The spelling and punctuation were also above the average for many ebook I have read.


I was enjoying the ebook so much that I wish it was longer. Another great book! I ran across this guys books before and he has a good nack for explaining how these social media sites can be used to your advantage. The thing that makes him effective I'd say is how he makes you feel like you're having a conversation with the guy rather than reading sheets boring data and writing as if you already know how some things work on a site. Her years of expertise as a marketer give her an edge for success over others. She shares her marketing strategies and techniques in both of these books.

An avid reader she entered first grade reading at high school level Diana reads several books a week and enjoys supporting Indie Authors by reading as many indie pubs as possible each month. Diana resides in the Midwest in a rambling built Victorian home with her husband, dog and a few cats. Email marketing might be the most misunderstood and screwed up part of small business marketing around. I learned the hard way.

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And what works is to a tell stories b not sell so much and c when you do sell, make a super compelling offer. No point in having an email marketing strategy without having some techinques to get a bunch of email subscribers. Now we dig into the trenches.

In this chapter I lay out a clear step-by-step approach to that super important first week of emails and tell you what to say; how to say it and how to actually transition into selling your stuff to your subscribers. Here we get into the hallmark and foundation of good email marketing. We show you what should go into your weekly email, what to write about, and how to get the most marketing bang from your weekly email buck.

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This is where we dig inside the huge promotions and killer profit potential of your email marketing efforts. Using the latest research we offer 4 tips to make sure your emails get opened, and stand out from the rest of the inbox slush pile. Getting your emails opened is only half the battle.

In this chapter, we share 5 strategies for ensuring your subscribers get to the end of your email and take action on your marketing copy. This is where we give you the 5 email marketing tweaks that will help you make a ton more money, and reduce your lead cost in the process.

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Personal Marketing :. Remember to claim your free gift for Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible — just email me to receive it. Learn how to use the Five Step model for personal and business success I have been living the dream of doing whatever I want for nine years! Can you? Only gifted people like me can.

I am just teasing you. Of course, you can do it. This is what Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible is all about.