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According to the man's father, Bravo said their complaint would be noted in Shutt's personnel file but expunged if no other concern about his behavior arose within a specific time period.

Masterman and Son (1909)

Bravo retired in after 15 years as Masterman principal. Reached by phone last month, she initially did not recall meeting with the father and son, and said no complaints were raised about Shutt during her tenure. Whack, the School District spokesperson, said district officials could find no record of that complaint in Shutt's Masterman file. The district did not have records from Shutt's days at Douglass.

W. J. Dawson

Richard Woolf, 60, said Shutt targeted him in the early s after Shutt had started teaching in Philadelphia and they both lived in Morrisville, Bucks County. He said Shutt first hung out with Woolf's older brothers when they were in their early teens.

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Woolf was about 14, he said, when Shutt, then about 29, brought him back to Shutt's apartment. There, Woolf said, Shutt gave him alcohol, played a pornographic film, began masturbating, then took a back scratcher and rubbed it on Woolf's pants. He "kept asking me to take my pants off, and I wouldn't do it," Woolf recalled.

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  • Woolf said he never reported it to anyone at the time. Also as a result of the article , Philadelphia police have launched an investigation into the accusations by the former Douglass students — one who said he was 11 when he alleges Shutt performed oral sex on him and two others who said they witnessed the chess coach doing the same to other boys, all in Shutt's Fairmount home in the s.

    We continue to encourage anyone with knowledge of this type of conduct to contact the Philadelphia Police Department. Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content.

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    New misconduct claims emerge against former renowned Masterman chess coach. Chess Coach Stephen Shutt in a file photo at Masterman. Related stories. Complaints were made.

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    • The allegations, however, stretch back to the start of Shutt's tenure as a teacher. You have to navigate a maze It is a bit stupid, but After it, you will keep quiet. You will be replaced by the next guy. Yende Mangum was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he is a current 10th grade student at Julia R.

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      Masterman High School. Yende has always loved music, dedicating many hours to playing and listening. He became engrossed with the social aspect of sports, as a result of playing on many teams throughout his childhood. As a child, he was an avid reader, even writing his own series of several short stories.

      About Whilst this personal project is just an attempt to explore the local legacy of the First World War, but at a global scale, it has struck me that it is much more than that.

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      At the heart of it is the legacy of those who died in the conflict, and especially the scale of the imapct that that would have had on their local communities, it would also never have been possible without the significant legacy created by those who remained, from the families who sent in photographs of their loved ones and which formed the Imperial War Museum's founding Bond of Sacrifice Collection, through the people who diligently compiled official records in the early s and which formed the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's records, right up to the modern-day professionals, volounteers and individuals who have shaped these records, shared them, and also significantly increased and enriched them, especially under the guise of First World War Centenary projects like Lives of the First World War Data and Sources This project simply wouldn't exist without the core assets that it draws on.

      Lives of the First World War - IWM's unique project enabling everyone to share their information, stories and images to compile Life Stories "on nearly 8 million men and women who served in uniform and worked on the home front". Commonwealth War Graves Commission - a unique online collection of the details of every serviceman or woman. Many of the locations here are extracted from what they call the 'Additional information' field, which typically contains text such as "Son of Samuel and Sarah Morley, of Derby; husband of F.

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      Morley, of , Peel St. Note that this information was collected sevral years after the end of the war and it does not necessarily represent an address that the person had lived at. Imperial War Museums Collections - one of the richest collections of First World War objects and images, most notably in this context the Bond of Sacrifice Collection and the Women's War Work Collection, togther comprising images of nearly 20, individuals who served War Memorial Register - another unique record from the Imperial War Museum, comprising records of over 78, memorials in the British Isles, together with listings of over one million names that appear on them.

      Leaflet , the powerful open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Contributing records, reporting errors The data currently presented has all been extracted from official records or from user contributions to the Lives of the First World War site.